Why Choose AlluGuard?

Insulated roller garage doors are wonderfully simple in everyday use thanks to smart technology. Here are the main reasons for choosing an AlluGuard door:

Feature convenient

Convenient electric operation

With a powerful yet quiet motor concealed within the barrel and a manual override that keeps your door operational in case of power failure.

Feature weatherproof


Design with insulated slats, helps keep the weather out (and keeps the heat in) so your garage is no longer a draughty no-go area.

Feature warranties

They are covered by fair warranties

AlluGuard roller garagedoors are covered by a comprehensive warranty of two years.


They are quality assured & safe

Every door is manufactured to our ISO 9001 certified quality systems and UKCA marked and safety compliant.

Features space

They take up less space

Than any other garage door, rolling up into a compact space with no tracks projecting into the garage.

Features extra space

Make extra space

By fitting behind the opening, giving you a wider and taller opening. Vertical opening means the door doesn’t project out onto your drive or into the garage space, allowing you to park up to the door inside and out.

Features stunning

They look simply stunning

The gentle curve and the subtle lines of each slat are finished in a tough polyester powder coating to create an overall look that is classic and contemporary in equal measure.

Our Products

What’s the Difference?

Similar features only smaller! AlluGuard 55 uses a smaller slat than the AlluGuard 77 that allows it to roll tighter requiring less space at the top of the door. It’s the ideal choice when headroom is especially limited.

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